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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

the truth

 Entangle your fingers with mine
Tell me I'm alright
‘Cause a dozen broken pieces are falling from the sky
Judgment is held against me for all I did
But I swear to you my sin is not what I am
I know the difference
Don't let them convince you otherwise
Don't be converted by such lies
Seek the truth in my eyes

Tell me your words wasn't just noise to make me smile
Tell me you don't pity me like a helpless child
Pick a piece of me and rape me of my pain
Maybe then you'll realize why I've been so afraid
But I've tried so hard to change
From that image I'm still in shame
Yes I deserve the blame
But believe me when I say

I try
And I fight
With each lie
I'm still alive
The only truth is mine 

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