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Monday, February 13, 2012

love coporation and happy birthday

fait love
One life to live one life to love 
Cherish the good disregard the bad 

Good or bad, take it as a learning experience and move on in life 
Both the experience has to be shielded and accepted as souvenir 
Utilize bad experiences to improve today 
Treasure good experiences for better tomorrow
And escort the life with confidence, honesty and pride 

One life to live one life to love 
Cherish the good disregard the bad 

Happiness or Sorrow either cannot be borrowed 
Life is incomplete without each other and both cannot be ignored 
Both brings you different flavors and taste to life 
Happiness keeps you sweet, Sorrow keep you human 
Taste the life with varieties and not to be narrowed 

One life to live one life to love 
Cherish the good disregard the bad 

Life is wonderful gift bestowed by god and honored by nature 
Has to be respected and believed by every human and creature 
Everyone’s role are defined and are here with the purpose, decided by creator 
Educate the life on the laws of god and the laws of nature
Imbibe these laws of life by choosing god and nature as a tutor 
In no way, one should violate the laws made by god and nature, rather then desiring to be a pauper 

One life to live one life to love 
Cherish the good disregard the bad 

Live life with honesty, with purpose, with determination and pride 
Live life with Joy, with happiness, with good values and principles 
Live life to the fullest but within the laws of the god and the nature 
Your existence should be respected and honored for all the good work you render or did for self, family, friends & for the rest of the world during your tenure and the stay on this earth in this life.
Your exit should be without any guilt and you should die with peace, smile and satisfaction.

No one can outturn their destiny 
Think good, Do good and Be good, rest live it up to the god to decide

One life to live one life to love 

by triston biber.

birthday of you
Today is your day! Enjoy it's your day! 
Today is the day, you opened your eyes to see this wonderful world and experience the beautiful creation of the god. 
Today is the day, you made your family happy and proud by adding the hopes and new sunrise to there life
Today is the day, you should thank god for gifting you with the precious “human life'. 
Today is the day, for whatever you are here only because of this day and that‘s today. 
Today is the day of your journey of life till today and pray god to give you decades of such fabulous days of today 
Today is the day of celebration, day of joy, day of desiring to make life better and more good to value the precious gift given by god.
Today is your day1Enjoy it's your day! 
It is your Birthday, Happy birthday to you 
May god bless you, Happy Birthday to you .

love and love

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 Suddenly...swept up and taken
Lord, where is this I be
there is someone..kneeling on the floor
Is this all I am to see?

My head feels very strange this Time
Oh Lord..what is this I see?
The very soul that was before You
is joined here now to me!

Although I do not know this soul
I know it now..Oh so well
What is this now You do to me
Please...quickly Lord do tell!

I hear their thoughts..I know somehow
Oh..I feel their pain
They are hurting..oh so much now
Lord..please let me refrain!

No! ..let me stay here now
as my soul for them now weeps
I feel I need to plead for them
as their pain into me seeps.

You have blended with the both of us..
I can feel their pain and fears
Lord You have me here with You
crying someone else's tears!

You intently
this I strongly feel..
You are feeling from this heart now
whilst in front of You they kneel.

You are also on the other side
Oh now I start to see
Oh breath be taken by
how powerful that You be!

Now I understand..I see
This is what You do
What better way to show Thy mercy
than to know their feelings..true.

You stand in front..of Yourself
and all of this You feel
Their feelings must be heartfelt
their repentence..oh so real.

Your judgements and Your mercy
this I have been shown
Your righteousness...and Your Truth
more than anything this world's known!

Here I am..back again
Looking out..up at the skies
So many feelings coming down
from the tears still in my eyes.

by triston biber.

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